Knitting is one of the most relaxing hobbies. It allows you to stay engaged, pass the time and create something new in the process. If you are thinking of adopting this hobby and you are wondering what are the different types of knitting methods, then the answers are mentioned right here.

The English Style

In this style of knitting, you carry the working yarn in the right hand and wrap it around the needle in your right hand. In this method, you need to use right arm motion to do the throwing.

The Continental Style

Continental or the left-handed picking method involves carrying the yarn in left hands and ensuring that the yarn is constantly tensioned in the space between your forefingers and the needle tips. This will allow you to pick the yarn with the right needle.

Thumb Flicking

Also known as Portuguese knitting, this method requires you to carry the yarn around your neck or attach it to a brooch pinned to the chest.

Using Both Hands

This method involves using both your hands and carrying yarns to make two-color knitting easy. You carry color number one in the left hand and color number two in the right hand which ensures that you never lose one color.

Two-Color Throwing

In this method, you need to work extra hard as you hold two colors in your right hand, both in different fingers and keep them both in play when you knit using the English style.

Two-Color Picking

While using this method, you use two colored yarns that are both held in the left hand and different fingers.

Combination Knitting

In this method, you wrap the purl stitches clockwise rather than anti-clockwise which is usually the norm.

From the Hip

In this method, you poke a double ended needle into a knitting belt situated near your right hip and ensure that your right hand is free from supporting the needle which allows it to manipulate the yarn freely.

So, which of these methods you are going to try first? Let us know by commenting below!